CS1 - Squonk Unregulated 18650

  • $200.00



    • Low resistance PCB mounted MOSFET
    • 8ml soft silicone bottle
    • Single 18650 battery power source (not included)
    • Recommended coil resistance of .2 ohm
    • Capacitive safety - The sensor relies on the electrical properties of the human body to detect when the button is being touched and/or pressed
    • Colored LED battery indicator - Four color states to quickly and easily determine remaining charge of the batteries
    • Alumide body and anodized aluminum doors for optimal wear protection.
    • Three position master switch - With a flick of a switch, you can bypass the capacitive function or turn the mod off completely
    • Silicon wires - All wires in the CS1 are silicon-sheathed and meant for high current applications. These wires are super flexible, strong, and are rated for temperatures up to 200°C
    • Mitec switch - Flat, durable, stainless steel anti-vandalism button with IP54 protection classification and rated for 100,000 on/off cycles

    Our devices are for advanced users only. Use only high drain, healthy batteries and safe resistance coils.  Never install batteries with damaged or missing wraps.