UA1 - Unregulated Parallel 18650

  • $175.00

  • Dual 18650 battery power source (not included). 
  • Capacitive safety - The first unregulated mod using our unique feature. The sensor relies on the electrical properties of the human body to detect when the button is being touched and/or pressed.
  • Colored LED battery indicator - Four color states to quickly and easily determine remaining charge of the batteries.
  • All aluminum enclosure - CNCed and anodized aluminum enclosure for optimal wear protection.
  • Dual, low resistance MOSFETs - Carefully selected MOSFETs for optimal firing and reduced circuit resistance.
  • Three position master switch - With a flick of a switch, you can bypass the capacitive function or turn the mod off completely.
  • Silicon wires - All wires in the UA1 are silicon-sheathed and meant for high current applications. These wires are super flexible, strong, and are rated for temperatures up to 200°C.
  • Mitec switch - Flat, durable, stainless steel anti-vandalism button with IP54 protection classification and rated for 100,000 on/off cycles.
  • Covered solder joints - Marine grade dielectric paint covered solder joints to reduce oxidation and to protect against shorts.

Our devices are for advanced users only. Use only high drain, healthy batteries and safe resistance coils.  Never install batteries with damaged or missing wraps. 

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