Where is MassMods?

Our corporate headquarters and shipping facility are proudly located in the heart of Silicon Valley - San Jose, CA. 

What services does Mass Mods provide?

We are dedicated to the design, quality control, assembly, and distribution of highly innovative and carefully engineered safe products. Our team is dedicated and 100% committed to ensure every product created by us is meticulously inspected and tested by our own staff before they are sold and distributed.

For more information, please see our about us section.

What are your business hours?

Our normal hours of operation are from 8am - 5pm PST Monday - Friday.  

Do you ship internationally?

We sure do! In fact, 99% of our products are shipped outside of the United States.

When is my order shipped?

We typically ship within 24hrs. after we have received payment. However, if you place an order after 5pm PST. on Friday and/or anytime during the weekend, we will ship the following Monday.

Do you have a retail storefront?

No. Our products are sold on our website and through our wholesalers and distributors outside of the United States. For more information, please see our wholesale section.

Do you sell e-liquid/vape juice?

No. We are strictly a hardware company and do not have any plans in the future to sell and/or distribute vape juice.

What is the difference between a regulated and unregulated device?

Simply, an unregulated device/mod has no tech and are for advanced vape users. Regulated devices are more common on the market and are typically for beginning vape users. We'd love to provide you with more info., but since there's a wealth of information on the differences readily available, you can read more about it here.

Are you accepting any new wholesale and distribution accounts?

Yes! We'd love to partner with you as we are always seeking new partnerships and opportunities. Please fill out the form located on our wholesale section. Or, you can simply email us at: support@massmods.com. Our team will respond within 24hrs.

Do you use the products you sell?

We are users of our own products, too. Yes, we do, 100%! This is what sets us apart from most of the others in the industry. What good would it be if we sold and distributed products that we didn't consume ourselves? We have every intention to ensure our products work safely and are indeed effective before any of our customers consume them. 

Tell me more about your manufacturing process?

We strive to ensure we deliver QUALITY and SAFE manufacturing processes. We do this by only engaging with manufacturers who implement the quality control systems including good manufacturing practices (GMP) for products and quality risk management in the most comprehensive manner.

Learn more about GMP: https://ispe.org/initiatives/regulatory-resources/gmp/what-is-gmp

How can manufacturers partner with Mass Mods?

We welcome all GMP manufacturers. Email us at: support@massmods.com. Our team will respond within 24hrs. to get the process started.

I want to create my own device/mod/atomizer. Can you help?

Yes! Our team specializes in design and is readily available to collaborate with you on concepts to be able to sell and distribute in the future. We will work with you on the concept from start to finish and provide all design files to you in the end. We'll even help you in partnering with the appropriate manufacturer. Email us at: support@massmods.com to get started.

What is the legal age to purchase your products?

We restrict anyone under the age of 21yrs. old from using our products.

What measures are in place to ensure kids don't purchase your products?

  1. First, we prompt all customers to verify their age twice. The first when you enter our website and lastly during the checkout process. Anyone under the age of 21 will be denied to purchase any of our products.
  2. We have warning labels informing the public/customer about the dangers of nicotine plastered on our website and product material.
  3. Our market is targeted for the advanced Vaper aka, the hobbyist/connoisseur. These are not first time users, but are consumers who have surpassed the novice ranks of vaping. Typically, those that have vaped for more than a few years. Our consumers have an in-depth understanding of the technological features and inner-workings of our components and devices. Not to mention, a deep understanding of Ohm's law for a personalized experience. 
  4. Our products are high-end with most of our devices/Mod's priced more than higher the average of a typical e-cigarette device sold in the marketplace today. At a minimum price tag of $175 for our cheapest Mod without a battery and an e-liquid, this is almost 9x the cost of a Juul Starter pack at $19.99.
  5. Our products are larger in size compared to the slim and discreet form factors you see in the marketplace today such as the Juul. Therefore, our devices are not made to be hidden from the public such as: parents and/or school officials.

How does the current U.S. ban/regulation on e-cigarettes impact Mass Mods?

We are actively monitoring this critical regulation and the effects this will have on not only us, but for the industry as a whole. Our friends and close partners here in the United States are deeply impacted, as a result. Relating to us specifically, although we are a U.S. based company, 99% of our business is outside of these borders. For the 1% here stateside, we have and will continue to take immediate action to refrain from selling and distributing of our products to comply with FDA guidelines until otherwise instructed.