About Us

Mass Mods was established in 2015 at the heart of Silicon Valley by two coil builders, Dmitriy Marshak (@amadeus_builds) and David Gravelle (@dirtycoils). Having an in depth knowledge of the industry and products, as well as being advanced users and consumers, we had an advantage creating cutting edge products and providing exceptional customer service that is otherwise rare in the industry. Understanding the landscape of the industry we knew exactly what the average consumer was looking for in a vape device.

Aside from delivering a personal experience, we found a way to innovate current products with capacitive touch technology. Each device made in house carried this technology, and provided a safer user experience. Along with the protection from pocket misfires, our devices also boasted a simple interface to display battery levels, as well as real time battery monitoring to ensure it's safe use.

With the industries quick turn around and short product lifespan, we have remained leaders in device innovation and influence. Our goal is to provide an exceptional user experience by using our in-depth knowledge of the industry, and tapping into what Silicon Valley is best known for -- technology and innovation.